Get 2 Scratch - Personalised & Professional Golf Tuition

Get 2 Scratch provides professional online coaching for golfers of any age or ability.


The Get 2 Scratch system provides you with access to top international coaches from the comfort of your home. One-to-one professional golf coaching is available and interactive services like video sharing and online training programs will help you improve the consistency of your game. Your golf coach will be available online with advice, tips and suggestions and can tailor a program to fit your personal skill level.

You will benefit from:

  • Customised training programs to suit your handicap, fitness and long term goals
  • Improved on-course efficiency - your online profile and training programs mean you're fully prepared when on the course with your coach - less time is wasted
  • Centralised communication - easy interaction with your coach via our online messaging centre and video-sharing facilities
  • Cost effective coaching - low cost access to top international academies

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Golf Coaches

Designed to meet the needs of the professional coach, the Get 2 Scratch system will benefit you by:

  • Providing opportunities to increase revenue
  • Helping you manage your customers and monitor their progress with interactive software
  • Allowing you to interact online by uploading and sharing video, audio, drills, exercises, tips, programs and practise regimens
  • Storing vital information about each of your players, including historical accounts of lessons and practices
  • Providing an effective communication system between you and your players
  • Helping you save on valuable time and helping maximise your customer base

The Get 2 Scratch system will launch in Spring 2009 and has already attracted the interest of leading golf academies and coaches in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

For enquiries please email us »

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